Electric Transmission & Open Conductor Detection Technologies

Viking Protection Systems, LLC
& Viking Sentinel Technology, LLC

Majority owned subsidiaries of Viking Energy Group Inc., Viking Protection Systems, LLC and Viking Sentinel Technology, LLC, own the intellectual property rights to fully developed, patent pending, ready-for-market proprietary Electrical Transmission and Distribution Open Conductor Detection Systems.

The systems are designed to detect a break in a transmission line, distribution line, or coupling failure, and to immediately terminate the power to the line before it reaches the ground. The technology will dramatically increase public safety and reduce the risk of causing an incendiary event and is designed to be an integral component within a much-needed, worldwide grid hardening and stability initiative by electric utilities to improve resiliency and reliability of existing infrastructure.

This scalable advancement in grid protection technology is a simple, sustainable alternative to trenching power lines underground or an embarking on comprehensive forest management planned approach. Viking's newly acquired products offer protective solutions for two distinct utility applications:

  1. Transmission Lines
  2. Distribution Lines
power lines

Viking Protection Systems, LLC (“Viking Protection”)

Viking Protection’s Transmission Line solution is a software-based solution designed to be deployed within a utility’s existing protection relay infrastructure. The technology detects open power line conductors and, if detected, communicates to existing recloser controllers to disconnect the power source and block reclose.

The system is designed to detect a downed conductor and to de-energize the circuit immediately (within a half a second).

Benefits of the Design

  • Increase public safety and reduce the risk of incendiary events
  • Assist with a much-needed grid hardening and stability initiative by utility companies worldwide
  • Installation is simple and affordable

Immediate Needs

  • Increasing the stability and reliability of the grid is a global concern
  • Downed powerlines and electrical equipment rank as the top cause of incendiary events
  • Otherwise replacing existing infrastructure is costly and time consuming
  • End users (rate payers) ultimately absorb the cost of funding improvements, so cost-effective solutions are preferred

Viking Sentinel Technology, LLC (“Viking Sentinel”)

broken power line

Viking Sentinel’s Distribution Line solution is a hardware solution, known as “The Line Sentinel”.  It is fully engineered and will be introduced to the market through a U.S.-based, internationally-recognized, manufacturer and distributor of protective relay systems and other products.

Advantages of the Technology

  • The speed within which the system can detect an open conductor (i.e. break in the power line), and therefore de-energize the circuit quicker
  • The technology has been tested
  • Low-cost